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TV Reports

On this page we present a selection of films that have been provided to us by directors and television productions in DVD format for use on the Internet.

Darius Alamouti’s presence in films and on television dates back to the year 2000. Unfortunately, the quality of our older movies is not of the standard now common on the Web. If you have a specific interest in a particular TV topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please note: All of the films mentioned in the following reports are in German.

Eyebrows Like the Stars | PRO7 | taff

Broadcast 19.03.2015 | 5:00 p.m.

Whether the result of over plucking or naturally thin, many women want expressive eyebrows like media models Keira Knightley or Cara Delevingne. The brand-new ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System from the USA now performs the same impressive, painless and scar-free precision work in Germany.

Artas Haartransplantation | WDR | Lokalzeit Ruhr 19.30h am 26.06.15

Der ARTAS Haar Roboter arbeitet schnell und effektiv und hinterlässt bei der Haartransplantation in der Regel ähnlich wie die FUE-Methode nur kaum sichtbare punktförmige Narben am Hinterkopf.

Hair Transplants: When Hair Is in Short Supply

Wednesday, 25.02.2015, 8:15-9:00 p.m., Pay-TV on the Cable Network

From time immemorial, a full head of hair has been a symbol of health, youth and vitality. A healthy person loses up to 150 strands of hair per day; when the number is higher, it’s called “hair loss”. In Germany alone twelve million people suffer from this problem. The Spiegel TV programme “Knowledge” attended a hair transplant procedure done with the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System, the first of its kind. 

Watch the video:


Top 3 Beauty Operations | PRO 7 | taff

Broadcast, 06.03.2014 | 5:00 p.m.

Big breasts, a tiny waist and small snub nose are Germany's ideals of beauty. Today, the most popular beauty operations no longer involve complicated surgery. Sarah, Carolin and Svenja from North Rhein-Westphalia have taken steps toward an operation in the  cosmetic surgery practice of ...


Dracula Therapy | PRO 7 | taff

Broadcast, 19.12.2011 | 5:00 p.m.

Fat from the buttocks, stomach and hips are supposed to perform miracles wonders for facial wrinkles. In England, the patient’s own blood and fat are the mega-hype against unwanted wrinkles. In Germany, the so-called “Dracula therapy” and Lipotransfer are still unknown, although they ...


How Does Germany Tick? | RTL

Broadcast, 21.09.2013 | 8:15 p.m.

In an extraordinary live event, moderator Steffen Hallaschka’s question, "Do you think you’re beautiful?", livens up the German television nation. Women reveal themselves as self-critical, but men, too, are concerned about wrinkles and bags under their eyes.


A Flatter Tummy through Fat Suction | ZDF

Broadcast, 24.03.2010

In summer, Parwa also wants a flat stomach. The 18-year-old suffers from annoying hip fat, but now she can decide for herself. She and her mother decide to have liposuction. Farnoush and Parwa have already been on diets several times ...


Leather Skin from the Solarium | PRO 7 | taff

Broadcast, 13.10.2010 | 5:00 p.m.

The Germans are Europe’s leaders in power tanning on the sunbed. However, something that many completely ignore is the fact that the artificial sun not only raises the risk of cancer, but it also dramatically leads to aging ...


Botox against Hair Loss | RTL | Point 12

Broadcast, 12.08.2012 | 12:00 p.m.

Physicians have discovered that Botox, actually an anti-wrinkle agent, sustainably works against hair loss (alopecia), enabling the hair to grow back. Every tenth German woman is confronted with daily hair loss. Dunja Schulz is one of them ...


HydraFacial Skin Renewal | PRO 7 | taff

Two incredible methods that promise to simply “iron” wrinkles away: A thermal mask from Japan and HydraFacial, a procedure for skin renewal with long-term effect that the American celebrities swear by ...


Décolletage Tightening through Fractionated CO2 Laser | RTL | In the Middle of Life

Broadcast, 04.02.2010

Jetset Lady Gisela Muth lives with her husband Hans-Georg in a sumptuous villa near Dusseldorf. The mother of an adult son attaches great importance to a well-groomed appearance, so she usually sleeps in until 10am and indulges herself ...


Breast Enlargement to Go | RTL | Punkt 12

Broadcast, 29.09.2009

A quick enlargement of the breasts and then straight back home. "No problem," says Dr. Darius Alamouti, a cosmetic surgeon from Bochum. He has developed a new method by which the breasts can be inflated without a general anaesthetic ...

Get Rid of Fat during Your Lunch Break | PRO 7 | taff

After the calorie-rich holiday season, the lucrative "cut the flab business" booms, and of course surgeons come up with a lot of ideas. For example, fat can now be quick frozen. We test two new "away-with-the-fat” methods: Fat freezing and ultrasonic ...