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Dr. Darius Alamouti has recently been honoured as a top Physician for the fourth consecutive Time

Dr. Darius Alamouti has been one of Germany’s top physicians in the fields of Liposuction and Botox & Filler since 2012.

For the fourth consecutive time, he has been awarded Focus Magazine’s coveted Seal of Quality. Based on the evaluation of an independent jury, the outstanding achievements of distinguished physicians in Germany are recognized and honoured annually. For Dr. Darius Alamouti, this is a further confirmation of his outstanding expertise and position as one of Germany’s top physicians.

GALA Beauty | May 2016

A trend is emerging

Full-body aesthetic surgery without a scalpel

In cosmetic surgery, non-invasive treatments such as Botox or filler injections already everyday clinical procedures for a fresh, young look. Less well known, but on their way from insider’s tips to standard It-treatments are new techniques for the rejuvenation of women’s genital areas. With a radiofrequency device called ThermiVa or padding the skin with a special hyaluronic gel, problems such as an overstretched birth canal, incontinence, vaginal dryness, and sexual problems can be dealt with and increasingly sagging labia can be reconstructed easily and painlessly. For women, for whom major surgery has been the only solution so for, this is truly a ray of hope.

Men`s Health | May 2016

May the magnificence be with you!

Men and the problem of thinning hair

A lot can be read about women and their beauty treatments, and there are frequent exchanges of experience. Much newer is men undertaking cosmetic procedures and talking about it. The hair transplant trend, for example, shows how men nowadays are quite concerned with their appearance and are ready to test new treatment techniques. An editor of Men's Health wanted to know the details and has put his "bald patches" in the hands of specialists. It is interesting to read how the Harrani Clinic patient, the surgeon, and the robot work hand in hand.

GALA | April 2016

Men and efficiency

There is also a credo in things related to beauty

Beauty treatments at lunchtime, high-tech for fitness, and cool helpers for the bathroom: When a man takes care of his appearance, it always has to be with the help of the latest technology. Career factors are more rarely involved. An example of an ideal male treatment is a new method of transplantation that uses the patient’s own hair. With the help of a robot, bald spots on the head are restored in a precision procedure that is effective and simple!

Grazia | February 2016

Light therapy from Dr. Darius Alamouti against wrinkles & co.

How light can change our skin

How is it that Hollywood beauties happily spend too much time in bars yet still manage to look dazzling? Perhaps it’s because they don’t go to ordinary bars, but rather to “light bars”, which are popping out of the ground from Hollywood to London. Using blue, red, or infrared light, a wide range of various skin problems are treated: as a cure for acne, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis or as an anti-aging treatment to take on the typical signs of aging skin. In Germany, dermatologists like Dr Darius Alamouti see to it that stressed skin is placed in the right light again.

FOCUS Gesundheit | April 2016

No longer a taboo topic: Beauty treatments for men

Botox, filler, liposuction, hair transplants - the percentage of male clients for minimally invasive procedures is growing steadily. Dr. Darius Alamouti, too, knows the trend: "In the past five years, the rate has almost doubled." Every third male patient comes into my practice because of hair loss. Dr. Darius Alamouti is an expert in this field, and in his clinic, he deals with the problem with the help of a robot. More specifically, he uses a high-tech device that replaces the complicated manual surgical procedure of extracting and planting the hair roots. However, many men also come to have some "tuning" done to their body or face. Among the favourite treatments are liposuction for a slimmer silhouette and thermo-lifting for a fresher-looking complexion.

face | March 2016

The inconspicuous but effective classic beauty treatment:

Thermage CPT

Who wouldn’t want firmer skin and a more youthful appearance? Not everyone, though, is willing to undergo a major operation to make these dreams come true. Thermage, a third-generation treatment system that produces excellent results, provides a proven, non-invasive alternative to the traditional facelift. Dr. Darius Alamouti has used the gentle skin-tightening therapy for a long time and recommends it particularly for patients who want to take just a brief dip in the “fountain of youth”.

Harpers Bazaar  | November 2015

Vaginal Tightening with ThermiVa: A trend treatment comes to Germany

Can a laser revolutionise your love life?

Over the past year and a half, four non-invasive laser treatments have been established on the American market that rejuvenate a woman’s intimate area by tightening the genital tissue, thus enhancing sensitivity. One of these treatments, ThermiVa, is now available in Germany and is offered exclusively at the Haranni Clinic. A large percentage of American women are convinced of the effect, and the rejuvenation of the vagina rather than the face is the goal of an ever-growing number of appointments at the plastic surgeon.